Nabaztag can RFID now!

Violet announced this since the beginning and a lot of Nabaztag users and fans were waiting for it, the “smell” feature of the Nabaztag rabbit is here: It’s working with RFID ships and it’s called “Mir:or”:

more info regarding this can be found at the mir:or product page.

But it allows tons of actions!

As quoted from the website:

“How does this work ?

Mir:ror is very simple to use
Download Mirware, the Mir:ror’s software
It is available on line for Mac and Windows XP/Vista
Plug Mir:ror into one of your computer’s USB sockets
Mirware will automatically take you to the registration website. Register your Mir:ror on and set up an account to start programming your objects.
Your Mir:ror is now ready to work
You can start programming it and using your Objects

Programming one of your Objects

Affix a Ztamp to an object

The Mir:ror bundle includes Ztamps and 2 Nanoztag micro-rabbits also containing Ztamps

Show the Ztamp to the Mir:ror

Mir:ror notifies you that this Ztamp has not yet been programmed and takes you to

Add Applications

In the directory of applications on, select the actions you would like to perform every time the object is detected

You Object is ready

Every time you will show it to your Mir:ror, it will launch the applications you have assigned to that object”

Violet also posted an announcement on their English Nabaztag Forum also posting a video of the creator of the Mir:ror interviewing why he invited it and how it works. It also raises the topic of privacy issues of RFID chips:

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