Joost for the iPhone is out!

2 days ago, I received the new Joost Newsletter.

Here is what they wrote:

Joost is on the iPhone: Download the Free App Now

Joost is on the iPhone!

Take Joost on-the-go with the new Joost iPhone app. That’s thousands of hours of top TV shows, music videos and movies at your fingertips – and it’s FREE! All you need is an iPhone or iPod touch and a Wi-Fi connection./>

Get the App Now

New Video from Britney Spears: Circus

New Britney Video: Circus

Last Tuesday, Britney Spears celebrated her 27th birthday and simultaneously released her sixth studio album, Circuswatch the new video on Joost now.

Watch Now Watch

Finally Joost is there! On the iPhone! Unfortunately it has some limitations like AppleBlog points out. It only works on wi-fi! EDGE and 3G (UMTS) are not supported, however this it’s not a restriction by Apple (unlike Fring – they forced them to become crippled this way).

However it’s anyway a huge back forward as this is their 2nd try! However according to the JoostTeam blog 3G support is about to come!

This is what they write:

“Mike Volpi told beet.TV that Joost will be available shortly on the iPhone over 3G cellular network connections. They chose to stick to WiFi to start with to make sure the technology would work as expected over solid WiFi connections. They will soon update the application with a version that will allow Joost video playback over 3G.

The list of supported video will be limited at first to the ones encoded with an mp4 profile suitable for the iPhone and 3G bandwidth… so don’t expect all 46,000 to be there day one.”


More info, the download link and screenshots can be found on the Joost iPhone info site

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