Opera 10.0 Alpha is out!

Opera 10.0 Alpha is out! is out and can be downloaded here.

I can promise you, this is one of the most stunning Opera releases ever because it features a lot of stuff the usership asked for for years!

The best improvements so far:

*Inline spelling checker
*Opera Mail improvements, including rich text composition and delete after X days

Quoting them:

The long awaited auto-update functionality is here! That’s right, Opera will now update itself as new versions are released.

Inline Spelling Checker
Opera now checks your spelling as you write! The inline spelling checker is enabled by default for multi-line edit fields and this Alpha comes with a US English dictionary. Use the context menu of input fields to change the settings, and to correct spelling errors.

Opera Mail Improvements
Rich Text Composition
Opera Mail can now send rich text messages! You can insert inlined images, styled text, links, custom HTML, and more! You can also forward and redirect rich text messages or reply to them with styled text.
In the account settings select “Prefer HTML formatting” in the outgoing tab so that you can start writing rich text mails by default in our WYSIWYG editor!“

And the best thing is: If you enble “prefer HTML formattting” also exsting HTML emails are being sent as such if you forward or reply to them!

Also auto-update is cool, so you can never forget to check for updates!

And also the inline spell checker is great as the old method didn’t work for me anymore since Windows Vista X64!

More information:

Full Opera blog post
Full manual of the new features and complete changelog 🙂

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