How to syncronize your iPhone with Opera Mail

Prior to my own order of the iPhone 3G I searched days for solutions of how to syncronize your iPhone with Opera Mail just to find out that nobody really bothered writing about it.

This manual is for the iPhone software 2.0!

All you need is an IMAP email account that even syncronizes the SENT folder, so you will have an 100% identical email account on your iPhone and in Opera Mail! Unfortunately most email providers having IMAP doesn’t cover the sent folder. The solution is (hard to believe but true!) free AOL Mail (however at times they disable new sign ups).
I am using my account which was from the time when it was still called “AIM Mail”.

-Go in the Mail client on your iPhone and select “others”. (DO NOT select “AOL” it will most likely fail!)

-fill in your account login details

-Go in the Settings –> Mail in your iPhone. Assure Sent mail is pointing to “Sent” below “On the server” section.

-Now open Opera (Latest version needed!)

-Go to Tools –> Mail and Chat Accounts –> Add —> Email > enter your account login data. (Opera will fill the advanced settings itself)

-Open Mail from [your aol IMAP name here] and right click on any of the folders (INBOX for example) and select all folders including “Sent” and “Spam” so they are subscribed and OK

You are done! Every email, except SPAM are now syncronized between Opera Mail and your iPhone!

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