The Iphone 3G spies at you?

Does the iPhone 3G spy at you? It saves random screenshots while you use it, so be careful when using it, because somebody could borrow your iphone and fetch the screenshots of your emails, etc.

I called Apple today and they said what I experience is technically not possible!!!

However, this is of course wrong. It’s just crappy customer support they give to their users, They even put me on hold to for 5 mins to ask the “experts devision”!

It is technically possible and you can access them pretty easy as seen on the screenshot! As read here, just hold down the home button and then press the on/off button and it will make a screenshot for you.

Apple support, you suck and you did cost me 14 cent per minute!

And after 3 months you even want money from me for every single question! A whopping 50 €!

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