A perspective on Skype

Since there are so much people posting about their opinion regarding Skype, here is the post which reflects mine.

Skype drops the ball on free calls. I cannot agree here. I am making hundreds of free Skype2Skype calls and they all are pretty stable, except if one of the parties has a problem, you can see that by enabling the technical call info.

Also cannot agree that the quality of SkypeOut calls are bad and the calls are dropping. I just recently did a call to Voluyak. The quality was ok. Cannot remember any drops.

The connection to a friend in Lima, Peru was bad a few years ago but there is an email address you can use and tell them all details regarding the call itself and the problems and they will go and fix it. The email address for this is pstn-feedback[at]skype.net. I even sent them some sample recordings and they fixed it! 🙂

What however sucks is the worsened support and functionality of Skype on Devices. The devices are cool but working badly lately and Ipevo keeps silent or I receive useless reply from them. I sent complain letters to Belkin and Ipevo but no reply and Skype doesn’t care either it seems.
I feel recently like hitting them all against a wall and give it up for good!

However Will Skype ever take notice of what their customers say or want has a lot of truth in it.

All my complains I directed to Skype has been ignored. What frustrates me big time is the removed support of Opera and Opera Mail (Contacts) in Skype 4.0 Beta alltogether.

Opera support is what made Skype a wonderful application for me because I could import my contacts from Opera Mail into Skype with 2 clicks and a click on a Skype link would open Skype and cause an action like IM, call, info or add to contact list.

All scratched for good. Despite Opera getting more and more market share than back then in 2005 when Opera support was added (thereabouts) Skype obviously descided to scratch it. I wonder what the Opera Staff would say about it, especially since they took over Opera Watch.

I have heard Skype, Ipevo and Opera staff members check my posts. You are invited to post a comment!

In contrast to most Skype power-users still around, I use Skype since the very first ever released public client version! I have followed their development from the half-dublex voice calls in awesome quality to high quality DVD-like full screeen video calls.

My personal Skype heros are Carsten Helmuth, Howard Chang and Nils Hostrup who did everything they could to sort out my Skype hardware related problems and on who I could and can count if I have some weird problem that nobody else would be capable of fixing or helping me to troubleshoot!

So, thanks guys!

Other heroes are Dave Wright who helped me with Netgear SPH101 issues and Kent Smith who did the same for the (old) RTX USB DualPhone!

If there is any die-hard Skype fan like me who owns an Ipevo SOLO dectop phone, please email me!

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