ICQ Support Ticket – How good are their replies?

As I have reported earlier the new ICQ Help Center is out. So I took my chance to try out the new Ticket Center and opened two tickets.
Yesterday they replied to one of my ticket. ICQ Support is famous for their “copy & pasted text blocks” which sounded pretty much computer generated and didn’t fit to my questions at all.
Now, the holy ICQ Supporter even got a name, and it sounds better and fit exactly to my opened ticket and to my stuff I wrote:


In regards to the bug in the Message History export function, it is possible that the feature wont work as expected, especially if your are trying to export history from a NON-ICQ contact (for example, an AOL or AIM).
Please check whether the user on your contact list is an ICQ member. In addition, special symbols, like smileys may not appear when exporting history from ICQ 5.

As for your comment about the bug in the docking feature of ICQ 5, we are aware of it and working on a solution.

You mentioned in your message some problems found in the Message History Converter tool, which were reported to the expert group. Again, we are working on a solution to these problems. You might want to download our NEW History Converter, which was released on Thursday, May 19, 2005 (if you haven’t done so already). You can download it from this link:

Last but not least, as you may already know, we are always happy to receive comments and suggestion from our users. All comments and suggestions are taken into consideration and our goal is to implement those features that will benefit the whole ICQ community.

Thank You,
Michael Bing
The ICQ Support Team.”

So let’s analyze a bit… 🙂

1) History Save function: I didn’t know that this is known to be troublesome with AIM/AOL9 contacts.
Infact I didn’t tell him from which kind of contact I couldn’t export the history.

So: Good reply!

(I have written in my re-reply to him the missing information).

2) Bug in the docking feature:
In past, they just wrote to me a “how to use the contact list”. Now, this is a lot better reply.

So: Good reply!

3) Message History Converter problem:
he somehow made a mishmash of “Focus Group” and “Expert Board” and called it “Focus Group” 😀
Anyway, good reply. He just missed to tell me the download link. But all problems are fixed now, infact it works perfect now!

So: Good reply but missing link

4) Adding old ICQ status to Status Manager:

Just the ususal: “We do our best to implement all suggested features” reply! 🙁

So: Very bad reply 🙁

I have written a re-reply to him, so hope you will look forward to Part II of this Ticket Story! 😀

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