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Since I didn’t write in my latest reply to the answer from ICQ Supporter Michael Bing, that the Message History Converter works 100% for me now, it seems the ICQ Team thought it should calm me down in advance 🙂

Here’s the reply of ICQ Supporter Nick Slater:


Thank you for reporting the difficulties described in your ticket. Your feedback is important to us and we are looking in to the matter.

The ICQ Team works day and night to create new and improved features that will enhance the ICQ user experience.
The new version of ICQ History Converter will include improved features.
Some of the reported difficulties should be solved in this new version.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank You,
Nick Slater,
The ICQ Support Team.”

As I said, it works for me. The old ICQ Pro (or “Classic ICQ”, that’s how the ICQ Team calls those old clients now) history of about 200 users from 2001-2004 got shrunken down from ca. 800 MB to incredible 70 MB!

But since the re-release of the Message History Converter does not work 100% for a small percentage of users, (see an example of such an user, here) they are forced to re-release it a 3rd time in an improved version to make it work for everybody.

You may wonder “why is this so complicated to make a silly easy History Converter, since the ICQ Team itself should be able to code this for their own product pretty easily!”, then you probably do not know how crappy the old message history system was. I have written a long post about this here.

Happy Reading! Get Some Popcorn! 😉

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