The Undocumented ICQ Error Number

Ia m using ICQ since quite some time, (January 2001 to be exact), but I have never noticed every before an error number that was nowhere written down and explained.
the ICQ Team even put up a Error Number List so that everybody knows what it means and what not, unfortunately the experienced 01001 is missing.

So let me quote a bit my friend AJ:

“Earlier, I was transferring files between myself (AIM for Mac v4.7) and a friend (ICQ 5.04 build 2321 on WinXP). Everything was perfectly fine until I attempted to send a file and it wouldn’t connect.

My friend’s ICQ reported an error code of 01001. Screen capture of the error is here. When looking up the error code in the ICQ knowledge database, 01001 doesn’t appear to be listed.

The problem, from what I can figure out, was that I had a backslash (“/”) in the filename, which is an illegal character under Windows. When I renamed the file, it transferred perfectly fine, so that seems to have been the issue.

Just mentioning it so that the error code (01001) can be added to the list.


So far 🙂

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