Creepy and be afraid?

I don’t know how many of you ever thought about this, but there are an huge amount of people that use GMail and Skype. Did you ever notice that there is some – probably small – amount of people that will never use either service?
You ask why?

Because according to others GMail is too creppy and Skype is a reason to be afraid.

In my opinion all those fears are pretty much without reasons. It’s like the “Company xyz will hunt down individuals that run a piraced copy of something”. Which never really happened.

I mean, what would happen to GMail and Skype if were doing bad stuff? I tell you: They would be pretty much: DEAD!

This is my opinion. And I am still a happy Skype and GMail user 🙂

I have opened a discussion thread and a poll for this post at forum, here (you need to register for being able to post).

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