Since many of my blog visitors search about ICQ 6, here is what I know about ICQ 6 and the information sources:

There are some few information regarding ICQ 6. One is that it will probably have history search again. Other is that it will have larger ICQ Devils. And maybe floating user feature will be back in future.
See Expert Chat Log

New Xtraz will probably be “Star Hockey” and “Reversi” (see Xtraz Information Center)!

ICQ 6 will not run on Windows 98 or 98 SE! (See this blog entry)!

Also, ICQ 6 will probably not go to N/A when a full screen game is running (as ICQ Team wrote in the Expert Board a while ago).

The ICQ Team is also working on making ICQ 6 not disturbing other sound sources (as written by Udo – The ICQ Team in the ICQ Focus Group here)!

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