The Skype English blog chat got a new home

The public chat “Skype English blog chat” got a new home. The following could been read in the old chat:

[17.11.2006 15:43:43] stephanie robesky says: everyone – since jaanus has left the chat and

can’t seem to get back in (bug filed) we are starting a new chat
[17.11.2006 15:43:47] stephanie robesky says: i will post the link here
[17.11.2006 15:43:51] stephanie robesky says: and then set this chat to read only
[17.11.2006 15:43:52] stephanie robesky says: sorry!
[17.11.2006 15:44:02] stephanie robesky says: skype:?


So all this hassle because of a bug which prevented the Staff member Jaanus Kaase to join again his own public chat.

It will take ages to get into the new chat since tehre is a limit of 100 participants and most people bookmark the chat and stay there forever.

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