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Well, I am not the only one doing this. Another person that triggered my attention is Matt Rudoff. He experienced that the mail collecting box in his area just vanished. He wrote about his continious fight on getting this – for his area – very important mail collecting box back and he succeeded!

Exactly the same thing happened to me down the street, in summer 2005.

The reason for this is the rationalization program “Star” which our Postal Service started end of year 2002, removing thousands of mail collecting boxes in areas which have “low” letter traffic and doing other things to save money.

Well, in 2006, the mail collecting box returned, just over the road. Probably not because of people like Matt, but because of an alternative Postal Service “Morning Post Letter Service” starting to offer their letter delivery service down the street.

The best thing is, letters sent to locations in the postcode areas 68xxx and 69xxx
are automatically sent as opening registered mail. And even if you send it to other places, they do not lose your letters!
I have sent thousands of letters since 1998 using our Postal Service and quite a few of them never ever arrived nor returned to sender! (I still have that theory, that some postmen eat paper for breakfast).

Last week, even our Parcel Service got competition (there are others already, but they are too far for me to easily get there), also down the street: GLS, who cost a few bucks less than DHL, are faster in delivery, and also offering Track & Trace.

Better service for less money, what else would I want? =)

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