Netgear SPH 101 firmware issues solved!

Voicemails are played again! But this was a long proccess to figure it out. Despite the fact Netgear saying that ““GR and IS are only names thare are given internally from Netgear used for different regions. GR stands for Germany. The products themselves do not differ!“, the firmware updates getting when using the update CD, it would differ the firmware between EU and IS (and probably also GR), so it was not clear for anybody whether the EU firmware can be applied on the IS model.

I just called Netgear a 3rd time and that guy said the EU, GE and IS hardware is the same and I can apply the EU firmware on my IS.
well, okay. Well, after 3 calls and 5 emails to Netgear I have the answer
So it took 18 days till somebody from Netgear knew the answer to my -originally simple- question!
And even that guy didn’t know that there is a new firmware that fixes several voicemail and other bugs!
He insisted on telling me that the latest firmware is 30.35.31 from October 2006 which is of course wrong. The latest one is which cannot be found on server according to the error message if you use the update cd shipped with the IS model (firmware without extension) but it can be found if you use the update CD shipped with the EU!

So, I updated my “IS firmware” with the “EU firmware” and all works fine!

The guy did not even know about voicemail bugs they have fixed in that firmware update!

So, here is the changelog:

Critical Updates
1. Fixes display errors and errors that caused the phone to reset.
Other Updates

1. Improvements and fixes to user functions, including but not limited to the handling of incoming calls, search history, voicemail, SSID connection, authentication, handling of blocked users, and incoming call alerts.

2. Added ability to connect into T-Mobile hotspots.

Thanks to another user, I also now know that firmware updates can be also found at

Thanks to the 2 users that helped me out and it really solved my problems!

By the way: Emails to Netgear USA and Netgear UK kept being unreplied, at least yet.

And my support case email at Netgear Germany I closed with telling them how much disappointed I am and explaining to them my experiences.

I hope this post will help other Netgear SPH 101 users that expertience the same problems I did!

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