First issue of the C64 Orchestra newsletter

Yesterday, I have received the first newsletter of the C64 Orchestra.

Next to their next stage details, they also mention a CD to come out near June this year.

Here is what they wrote:

——- Forwarded message ——-
From: “Productiehuis ON (no reply)”
Subject: C64 orchestra newsflash
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2007 11:41:52 +0100

February 2006

Hello C64 orchestra fan,

It has been some time since you heard from us. But no worries, we will keep you updated on what’s happening!
Let’s start with what’s happening with the release of the C64 cd. Right now we are talking with different record companies in and outside Europe. Our record label in Europe is Rounder and we are talking with Yep Roc in the States. We are working on the release of a special edition with all the specifics of C64 design. We invited some great Dutch design companies and finally made the choice to work with Hotel. In the mean time we are working on clarifying some legal issues concerning the rights of songs and games, a slow but necessary process. The release, the special edition and the ‘normal’ version, will be two cd’s. One will be the orchestrated version by the C64 orchestra and the other one has the original tunes, two games and an emulator to play the C64 games on your pc. And we will also add some video footage of the premiere! So it’s a full package of C64 fun!

The big question is: when will the cd be released?
We hope to release it in June 2007, but it’s a long shot. Lots of issues need to be resolved before we can raise the flag!

C64 orchestra is ON tour:
15-03-07 De Vereeniging, Nijmegen, NL
17-03-07 Atak, Enschede, NL
16-05-07 Vredenburg, Utrecht, NL
03-06-07 Virusfestival, Eindhoven, NL
14-07-07 Forma Nova Festival, Fredericia, Denmark

C64 orchestra ON the internet:
You tube

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