Electonic Arts totally logged me out of their account system

Somehow Electonic Arts totally logged me out of their account system, while it only was for the support system of EA Germany first, now it’s also for the recently released Command & Conquer Tiberium Wars (which they call number 3 but infact is number 6 if you do count in the ego shooter C&C Renegade and number 5 if you do if you don’t).

Here is what happens:

At login, It says I need an account and “Nafcom” account does not exist . (same when I try password reminder).

2)If I try to create one it says “Nafcom” already exists, use Nafcom 2, Nafcom3, Nafcom0, etc.

So on some places the system say “Nafcom” exsists and on other places it says the account does not exist.
So whatever I do I cannot login anymore.

The only ones I could email was EA Denmark which wrote to me that they cannot help me, I have to write to EA USA or Germany.
So will have to print out the email and send it by post.

EA seems to have problems lately

A friend of mine in UK couldn’t use his serial anymore because the server said it was invalid but infact it worked perfectly all the years before.

Well, turned out he had to buy himself a new copy.

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