The most techy airline got permission to fly

The most most techy airline got the permission to take off! (see video & email I received with details.

From an email they have sent to me:

“——- Forwarded message ——-
From: “Virgin America”
To: joerg-droege[at]
Subject: Virgin America: we’ve got news you need to know
Date: Sat, 19 May 2007 00:31:38 +0200

Joerg, Virgin America is approved to fly
>> get the details!


We’re Approved!

The wait is over – it’s time to celebrate.


We told you we would keep you updated,
and Virgin America has some very big news:

We got the thumbs up

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of champagne corks
popping. The Department of Transportation has approved
Virgin America to fly. Now we are busy crossing t’s and
dotting i’s getting ready to take flight.

We’re planning to start ticket sales within the month.
We’ll let you know when they go on sale as soon as
possible so you and your friends can grab a seat!

>> Invite your friends now

>> Get the whole story

We asked for names, you delivered…

More champagne, please. We received nearly 17,000
entries in our Name Our Planes contest, but we narrowed
the winners down to these creative types:

~ Raymond Falzon : Fog Cutter
~ Sahil Dilwali : Winner of Naming Contest
~ Patricia Oates : Virgin & Tonic
~ Art Harman : Airplane 2.0
~ Robert Kohn : An Airplane Named Desire
~ Robert Vaccarella : Contents May Be Under Pressure
~ David Aho : Jane
~ Ed DeMott : Mach Daddy

Speaking of creativity, our good friends at Boing Boing and
Jonathan Adler also named two of our planes Unicorn Chaser
and Chic Mobile. Can you guess who named which?

>> Find out more

>> See all the names


Our next email will announce Virgin America’s official
launch date – stay tuned!


The Team at Virgin America”

The URL to suggest your names for their planes can be found at

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