Comodo Firewall Pro Beta – the best (freeware!) firewall for Windows XP X64 and Vista X64

Commodo released the beta of their Commodo Firewall Pro (more info: downloads, screenshots, etc) and in my eyes it’s the best freeware 64bit firewall, yet!

Here is the why:

My Windows XP X64 firewall history:

1. Network AAccess Manager (Nvidia’s hardware firewall – implemented into the nForce4 chipset).

sidenote: I knew it was buggy, so even MSI – the maker of my motherboard – suggsted to theirs users to not enable it, but it’s still better than the Windows XP Firewall!

Unfortunately it stopped working after I have got the Netgear WPN824 RangeMax v2 router, because it would fail to attach the correct IP address on startup

2. Time to try Tiny Firewall 64, which worked until Microsoft released Windows XP X64 Service Pack 2, which caused bluescreens. Aso Tiny Firewall was no longer on sale!. So a lose-lose sitution in either way!

3. Then I had to really use the Windows Firewal for a while! 🙁

4. I found Jetico Personal Firewall in the freeware variant (shortly after I found out that Tiny Firewall 64 was no more and I was tired of the Windows XP Firewall) and I was glad that it still worked after I applied SP2. However, it caused a bluescreen after a certain version was installed if I tried to update the:

-Jetico Personal Firewall itself
-DirectX 9
-ATI Catalyst drivers

It was the same firewall driver conflict Tiny Firewall 64 had.

5. I was stuck with outdated firewall, ATI drivers and DirectX runtime becaus I didn’t want to stay unprotected.

Now that I have Commodo, all works great!

Thanks a lot! 🙂

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