installer problems? Don’t Google for it and don’t try to get Apple help you

You know, some day I had this “error number 2738” error when trying to update to QuickTime 7.3.

I did the mistake to do what everything else will do at first; Google for the solution.

You will find “solutions” like registering .dll files, renaming folders, deleting folders, re-download .MSI files, links to FAQs, reinstall Windows and whatnot!

And no support I came accross yet ever managed to be able to actually tell what error “xyz” in an installer means. I mean if it would say “file missing” or whatnot, it would at least be helpful. But error numbers without references to what they mean or “unexspected error while installation” doesn’t help a bit!

All I got from Apple is a letter in my letterbox a few weeks ago telling me:

We don’t support this product (QuickTime)

The solution is easier than any registry hack! Download and use Windows Installer CleanUp Utility. It will just remove all references to the sourse .MSI file so it no longer will be missed when you try to reinstall or update your program in question!

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