Account spam in the Skype and ICQ network

Today, I want to speak about something that appears to be a taboo topic for Skype and IM blogs all over the internet: Account spam. Account spam is a serious threat that neither Skype nor ICQ really manage to control.

So, how can you see you are a victim of account spam on the two networks mentioned above?

While ICQ spam accounts have sexy photos of girls, sexual orientated nicknames and URLs to cam sites or juicy fields of interests and appear in almost any search you run when searching for females with photos or special interests, Skype spam accounts are different.

Let’s say there is a Becky. Becky exsists 25 times in Skype, the same Becky magically lives many countries at once. Several countries are Becky’s home and she has the same about me and homepage URL.

Even if the account itself appears to be owned by humans, they are often not. You can notice this by writing to them and a robot replies to you, mostly pretty quickly

While ICQ allows you to report spammers to the ICQ Team, Skype has no such possibility. And this ICQ reporting is restricted to when a spammer got in touch with you

The ICQ Team also switched off the “online users” function in the people search for various countries and search crierias. A very questionable way of fighting spam, does it even cut the user experience.

Skype’s SkypeMe experience however has been cut to zero thanks to more and more spammer accounts. And if you dare to switch to SkypeMe mode on some day times, you get calls from bots inviting you to visit their cybersite or you find burps and moans on your voicemail.

There is no end in sight and Skype/Ebay seems to feel honoured by it as it raises the “statistics amount of users” like the Skype Numerology blog pointed out already a couple of times.

So far… all left to say is: Happy spamming!

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