14th mio users and 5 years skype, my perspective

This image shows 14th mio users and 5 years skype.

As Skype-Watch already pointed out, I didn’t write my view about this yet. This is because I have been on holidays.

The image is from Siim Teller and shows perfectly the changes within Skype (thanks to the pictures he used!) and the milstones Skype reached over the years.

My personal fave ones are:

*2003: The launch of Skype, the awesome sound quality (eventhough it was still half-dublex back then!) really made it outstanding and kicking! 🙂 I was a user since day one they released it and still am! 🙂

*2004: Free conference calling, this is something which I used back then with my ex-classmates and friends and it was a lot of fun so thank you!

– SkypeOut: Allowing me to get a rid of my PSTN line and do calls to abroad from Skype alone! (hint: quality issues to certain numbers should be sent to – including all details – to: pstn-feedback[at]skype.net)

*2005: SKype voicemail: I never had more fun than when listening to strange voicemails left to my Skype account’s voicemail!

*2006: Skype wi-fi phones: The Netgear SPH101 worked fine until Skype did some server chnages and the latest firmware I tried destroyed the phone because it wouldn’t but up anymore after *successful flashing*!

The Belkin wi-fi phone has also some qulity issues ever since but it still works to the surprise of Skype-Watch!

*2007: The Skype desktop phones introduction is another highlight! I have got one myself and it’s amazing! It’s really working well!

-near DVD quality video is also amazing! look here for an example and deep links to more info!)

I hope more great things are aboout to come! 🙂

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