Solution: My iOS device only shows a blank update page in the App Store

You have an iOS device from Apple (may it be an iPhone, iPod Touch, or an iPad) and suddenly in your App Store you only see a blank update tab page and even if you connect it to your PC or Mac to your iOS device and update it through iTunes to have the most recent app versions, you still see a ‘1’ like as if 1 update was srill missing?

Well, even the Apple forums don’t have a solution and I was out of ideas, so I decided to contact Apple Support (the first time that I did by the way) and a Mr Slip told me the solution that worked!:

Settings –> General –> Reset –> Reset Network Settings and that worked! 

After the iPhone restarted and I waited till the appstore completely finished loading (Since I did reset the network settings I only had 3G and no WIFI of my router anymore). it took a bit but then there it was the previously hidden update! 

Thanks Apple Support! Thanks to the fact that it was happening to me since the iOS update to 6.1.2 that I updated to yesterday, I was able to request an exception online so received the support call for free! 🙂

Here is how to contact them:

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