Google, Mess Number 3!

Hi Ho!

Holy crap!

After making terror emailing to GMail, becaue I still cannot access to my Spam Folder, I finally received a reply from them:

“Hello Joerg,

Thank you for your response.

We are aware that this problem is continuing to affect some of our users,
and our engineers hope to have a solution in the near future. We
appreciate your patience and understanding during this preview release of


The Gmail Team”

Well, looks like no solution soon? Since after 30 days all emails in spam folder gets deleted, this will probably happen :'(

Sad, so saaad!

Oh my, just bad luck!

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Holy Crap!

Oh my father, what a crap!

I have spent incredible much time with my blog’s template today, because I messed up the blog’s font displaying! It worked fine in MSIE, but not in Opera (standard Times New Roman got displayed instead!).

Believe me, that reset edit and copy & paste from a backup I did, did not help it! I had to use one of the default templates and re-do all the changes manually which I did, arghhh! I hate that! I have no idea why my blog stopped working properly in opera, but holy crap!; It works again!

I did a clean copy & paste of my blog’s template, and I wrote a document with all the lines I have changed it’s available as a 7-Zip archive here.

Man, this scared me all half to death, I swear you!

I also received my first comment from another blog user, thanks! 🙂

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When International Communication Goes Bad

Today’s Topic of my blog entry, because I just find it funny.

What do you do if you have a problem and the company you want to reach is outside of your 4 walls? Right, you do a call to abroad.

So, that’s the moment when Joerg drinks something, goes into the bathroom, makes “ahem”, and sets up his best English he has.

First story: Email account: (that sure was years ago!).

I could no longer login for days! So, looking up the White Pages of USA and ring them up!

So you know how all this is, you as a costumer say who you are and what your problem is, and normally the other party says “Okay then….!”

But if it was a normal call, I wouldn’t write it in my blog, so it was more like, that I was explaining and every 5 seconds I got interrupted by a “Hello Sir!”, I mean is that friendly costumer support? The lady told me later: “We have no costumer support!”.

Dumb! Is that a reason to be unfriendly to me?!

Second story: Wanted to speak a worker working in Norway.

I found out the number, rang the company up, it was like:

He: “Who is speaking?”


He: “From which company?”

“No company, an individual person.”

and in this very moment, you recognized how he begings to sound very bored, because I am not company! How could I dare to speak to him!

The third story is the most weird one ever. Again USA:

She: “Who is this?”


She: “Joerg!!!!!!!!!!! How beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I really thought “Oh my father, am I that VIP to freak that much out because of my name?”

And then I had the feeling like she thinks she speaks to her little cousin or something.

Also nice and interesting, and sometimes really amazing are calls to friends living abroad or just people who do not reply to emails.

Absolutely amazing was the following story (hint: I have no ISDN):

I want to ring up somebody in Norway.

Nobody answers the phone. So I give up on it.

10 minutes later my phone rings. I pick up the receiver and a woman asks me:

“who are you?”

where I reply to with: “Pardon? You are calling me? Tell me first who you are :)”

“I dialed this number”

“Maybe you have got the wrong number then?”

“No no, I saw this on my display.”

“Ah, now I see, are you from Norway?”


“Ah ok, I wanted to speak to your son.”

“Ok, no problem, one minute, please.”

Later I got told, they thought I was a relative from Japan calling 🙂

Also, what I am always sorry for, is, when I ring up people and their family members didn’t know I would call.

So I end up in asking for sister/son/daughter, blah.

So, for example a call to a shared flat in Romania. (Everybody who ever did a phone call to Romania, knows; the tones of the Romanian phone system makes your ears hurt if you aren’t too careful!

So it made “click” and I begin with the usual: “Hello, I am… and would like to speak to…”

and in return, no responce. Just silence. I waited some seconds… still nothing.

Then I took the initiative and asked:

“Did I dial the wrong number?”

and suddenly a voice says:

“No the number is correct, but she is not here.”

A sign! Somebody said something. I am really sorry, it wasn’t my plan to shock some nice boy from Romania because he had to speak English with me.

(happened also to me with siblings from 2 people in Poland).

Last story is a phone call to Ghana where an automatic speech told me:

“We are regreted for paying the telephone bill.”

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ICQ, how things can change! & Support Nafcom

I have been speaking to somebody from saying she doesn’t care about the identity of the people she speaks to and does not care at all.

After an hour, she said she changed her mind, and I am her friend. And then it ended up in a talk which lasted 5 hours and 50 minutes (including drinking and peeing breaks)

It’s amazing how much it all can change, in such such moments I love ICQ!

Sometimes it’s amazing how situations can change. (I didn’t know that I am such a nice person for making conversations, actually I could record myself and listen to what I said and fall asleep perfectly because I find myself so boringOh and everybody who is seriously interested in the forthcoming of ICQ should join the ICQ Focus Group! hehe.

Oh and second thing: Still it’s winter, so please take part at my Crappy Poll and vote for wether you like Snowball Fights! I count on you!

May The Snowballs With You!

Hehehe!!!!!! =)

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Bloggs and it continues

It seems that, after 4 days not having posted anything to my blog, I have today the posting boost.

I have been browsing a bit though the blogs, and most are non-English, so I cannot read and many look to me like promotional pages.

Howerever I stopped for a while and began reading here and there. Also interesting is this blog.

Did you ever notice, that most people use one of the default designs (templates).

That would be not my bottle of tea, I wanted to make it fitting to my homepage (the blog).

What is better than email? real post! But sometimes it sucks (oops!).

you wouldn’t belive how many people do not know the correct way of writing their postal addresses. For this, there are official documents from your country’s postal service in cop with UPU (Universal Postal Union) to find at this link. Also helpful: Numbering Plans & GSM Info!

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gmail spam folder
Originally uploaded by nafcom.

Guys, Do I begin to actually HATE GMAIL! Since over 9 days (!) I have no acess to my spam folder! (As you can see on the screenshot, an error message! “Oops, try again in a few seconds”, etc.


Sure, the GMAIL Team is working heavily since 9 days on my problem! Oh my, if they at least would tell me what’s in there! Because the spam filter of Gmail is not very good, I had very often ordinary and sometimes important email in it! Please FIX IT! Thanks!

I hope it will be soon! Either I go wild!

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Blogger & My Guestbook & The Time On The Net

Ohhhhw, over 3 days no entry, so it’s time to do an entry and write something.

Well, first the big news: I can access the Trash of my GMAIL account again, “cool”! I don’t care about my trash! I want access to the emails in my spam folder!!
So Gmail, please (!) fix that problem

Why do I do a blog? I have no idea! but I don’t think I will receive ever a lot of comments! probably people will find it boring and a waste of time to read my crap, but anyway feel free to leave your comments 🙂
At least I will go on with writing into my blog!

I will write all my mental crap in here, and I will write it in English, so people from all countries can read it 😛

I am happy for Fotolog/Blog comments and Guestbook entries, though!

Oh and after a loooooong while I have found the places I need to change to get it in the style like my homepage is and get a rid of some space on the left side of the blog seperator

LOL, I didn’t do CSS since year 2001, but still I have managed it! I am now totally the MAN 🙂 hahaha, am I not?! Oh I don’t know, but I guess it’s nice, anway!

Originally I had the idea some years ago to do an electronical diary but that never worked out! and I don’t eant to bring in too much of my daily real life, so I guess Nafcom’s Crap Blog is the best solution! =)


I recently had a run on my guestbook, I wonder why?! Did I get famous? hahaha! – No I don’t think I got famous but I want to thank everybody who thought I deserve an entry 🙂 Thank You!

The Time On The Net

Did you ever think it’s a waste of time to do ICQ. Ever thought of that? I had this thought myself a lot, but sometimes I like IM a lot. Like when you speak to a nice person on ICQ for 5 hours and 50 minutes, then you know, the talk was very interesting for both sides. Or trying to support, listen and cheer up people who are totally destroyed on the bottom of their reality, and the feeling to have helped maybe a little bit, is a great feeling, I find.

But sometimes you also come and think,ß what a bad place it is, all such rude people who cannot spell the f-word correctly but try to insult you:

“Fack you!”

Me: “Oh nice, but it’s spelled with an ‘u’!”

How embarrasing!

Oh who cares, most important is, I have some nice contacts. 🙂 for the time I have to do boring stuff on my PC 🙂

Also at the moment, it’s a bit silent in the ICQ Focus Group, so I take the chance to be active in my blog more.

Maybe I will do another entry later this night but for now I close,

bye bye!

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What Brazilians Can Do, I Can, TOO! =)

lamp compressed
Originally uploaded by nafcom.

So as you see, I have signed up for a fotolog, and there are not so nice ones in English, err, at least not that many, but that one is nice Flickr 🙂

So, my fotolog can be found here:

Enjoy the lamp above! KISSES! hahahaha 🙂

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