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As many of you probably know, I am a scary customer…If something doesn’t the work the way it should, I will send an email complaining and ask for a statement and fixing of the issue.

Those of you who also call to abroad now and then sure know that sometimes, the connection is not very good and it’s required to dial again or that suddenly the phone call is terminated.

However, when I was calling to Russia to a mobile phone, the connection got terminated every 6 minutes!!! I thought this was an inacceptable situation and so I asked the mobile phone provider MegaFon Moscow for information.
I also told them that, according to some Russian friends, it’s known that the network of MegaFon Moscow is weak and crap.

They replied to my email with a big response, which is the most detailed and biggest responce I have ever gotten from a customer service abroad.

They promised me, that they are currently expanding their mobile phone network and that I soon (quote) can use phone in full!

Here is their reply, a 100% copy and paste from my email inbox!:

“Dear Mr Joerg Droege!

Inform You that according to technical service, now in Moscow and the Moscow area, spend large-scale works on improvement of quality of signal reception and throughput. Breakages of communication, deterioration of a covering are temporarily possible, network can be locally strongly overloaded. Works are caused by the big inflow of subscribers.

We make the sincere apologies for the delivered inconveniences. In the near future, you can use phone in full. Planned time of works to end : December 2005 – January 2006 y.

Under the plan for development of the company, by the end of 2005 the general number of base stations of “Megafon-Moscow” exceeds 1500 units. In 2006 hundreds more base stations will be established. The information on plans for development of a network and installation of new base stations can be received here: http: //

Thank you for your letter,
we hope for your understanding
and subsequent cooperation.
Yours faithfully,
Call Customer Service at +7095 502 5500,
from Megafon Moscow numbers 500


Let’s hope that they will keep their promise! 🙂 Wish me luck!

Some people said, it’s probably a draft email, but I doubt that. Why would a draft email contain spelling and grammar errors?!

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