43Reasons why this sucks!

Does anybody of you remember, that I have reported a bug in 43Places/Things in July 2005?

Incase you do: Incredible, but still no reply after over half a year and the bug is still _not fixed_. If this doesn’t suck, then I don’t know! Nobody can come with the excuse that it’s “stil in beta”!

And the 43suck era continued with 43People and AllConsuming which all feature the same posting bug!!!

I had enough, so I have written a comment about it in their blog! If this doesn’t help that I can really give it up!

I am disappointed and annoied.

I cannot stand services which ignore all emails!

UPDATE: My blog entry/comment has caused a reaction from 43blah and they excused and told me that they will dig into it”! 🙂

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