How to prepare for Windows Vista 64bit

one year after Windows XP X64 (just sounds nicer =) ), now time to worry about drivers for Windows Vista 64bit. (Yes, I will buy the SB version again)

And I had to find out, the drivers are not such a big issue really, depending on your hardware.

So how does it look like?


-My Logitech QuickCam Orbit MP is supported with Windows Vista 64bit (If you select them, you get the same download like Windows XP X64 – so they use the same drivers for both OS’)

-Motherboard chipset drivers are included in Windows Vista already

-The Epson Stylus Color 980 is supported with an USB driver delivered with Vista, too.

-I have read on the internet that the Windows XP X64 drivers for my wheel will work under Vista 64bit, too.

-Thanks to Windows Update and Google I know that there are Windows XP X64 drivers for my USB NIC. There is a good chance that those also will come with Vista eventhough the Vista Advisor says it’s not (so maybe also with windows update) or I just use the XP X64 driver.

-Unfortunately due to a missunderstanding with Epsons, I have to stay corrected, there are no drivers planned for my Perfection 2480 Photo flatbed scanner. I have just tested and learned about the software VueScan
It works great and it comes with a driver supporting 64bit windows xp and vista as I have read.
Sure, it will cost me money, but this is better than buying a new scanner, as I have 1) no money for that and b) I have just bought it from Eposon as brand new, half a year ago.

-My USB Headset is using the C-Media codec which should be no problem for Vista.

-My office keyboard requires no drivers, the extra function keys and scrolling wheel are managed by Trust application software which is compatible with Windows XP X64 (eventhough not explecitely mentioned on their homepage) so I don’t expsect any problems under Vista 64bit.

-Vista 64bit drivers/apps are offered for my Logitech MX1000 mouse.

-For the Joystick Attack 3 only XP X64 drivers/app yet (hope/think it should work under Vista 64bit).

-TV USB II card: I have got windows xp x64 drivers from Leadtek but they did not adjust the drivers (inf etc) so it won’t install (but they insisted it was me being too stupid to install it – but windows just refused to acceppt the driver).

An IT system administrator from Bulgaria confirmed my guess when he requested the drivers from me and he took it apart.

Installing Windows Vista 64bit will be a nice adventure, I guess! 🙂

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