Linksys WIP 320 Wireless-G iPhone

Note: Posts about other wi-fi Skype phones: here

There is another Skype wi-fi phone (yes, it doesn’t stop!) that came to the market, and of course again the Skype Gadged blog reviews it (this time by Andrew Brennan).

The major differences between the others are:

WIP320 also has the ability to update its software automatically, rather than having to connect it to a computer to install new firmware. This is particularly useful because with the recent release of Skype 3.2 Beta, Skype introduced Multi-Device Presence. This means that when you’re signed in to Skype on multiple devices, your most recent status is synched across the devices—hopefully Linksys will add this feature soon


“Battery life was as expected – I could go 2-3 days between charges.”

The rest looks like being indentical to the other Skype wi-fi phones.

Full review (with photos!) at above’s link.

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