Silicon Image really did it: 64bit drivers for XP and Vista!

A while ago I asked Silicon Image for 64bit drivers for my SiI0680A IDE controller card and here is what they wrote to me:

“Dear Mr. Joerg Droege,

At this time Silicon Image does not support the SiI0680A with 64bit Windows XP or
64bit Windows 2003 Server.

On your behalf, I’ve submitted a request to produce a SiI0680A Windows 64bit driver.


Mikhail Amchislavsky
Service Engineer
WW Services and Support
Silicon Image Storage Division”

And I found out recently that they did it and released 64bit drivers for all 64bit Windows versions including Vista and of course also for Vista 32bit!
However, instead of just a few months, it took them over a year!

Well, better late than never, right? =)

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