Vista X64 driver: Strange driver placement at Epson homepage

UPDATE: Also works in Windows 7 X64! Thanks to the guy in the comments for new download location!

You won the scanner Epson Perfection 2480 Photo flatbet scanner (or it fell off a truck or whatsoever), and you are proud owner of the new Windows Vista X64, then you will have some troubles to get the twain driver for it.
Why? Because, first of all, Epson told me there will be a driver, then they told me maybe when there are free resources left and finally they told me there will be no driver at all.

And so, I searched for alternatives and took VueScan just to find out that Epson had already a driver in the making but never released it just until recently.

Here is the catch: If you search for Vista X64 driver on either Epson hoempage, there will be “Theree is no driver available, maybe that means it is already supported natively by Windows Vista X64” well, I can promise you, it’s not!

If you search for Windows drivers in general at Epson USA, you will find a Windows Vista driver, that is – according to the homepage – only working on 32bit!

Now, what to do? Solution: Do the same on the hoemapge of Epson Germany, you only find the selection “Windows Vista” (if you selected “Windows Vista” AND NOT “Windows Vista X64” in the previous product selection menu!!!!!!! Otehrwise you get NO VISTA driver to download!!!! , no difference between 32bit and 64bit and the driver works indeed on Vista X64! The date of the driver and the version number on Epson America differs: EPSON Scan Utility v3.04A posted on 02/15/07 while Epson Germany’s one is EPSON Scan (3.0u) posted on 31. January 2007

This means:

If you:
-select Epson USA you get no X64 driver (according to homepage – didn’t try on X64 myself)
-select Vista X64 at Epson Germany you get no X64 driver

You only get the X64 compatible driver if you select “Windows Vista” on Epson Germany page

A few words about EPSON Smart Panel: It will work in Windows Vista X64, except for the Copy Utility 3, so you can uinstall that in the Windows Control Panel.

Also notice that the drivers auto detect the language in use and install accordingly.

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