The unwritten Windows driver rules

I am fiddling with PCs since 1993 and figured out that there are some unwritten Windows driver rules I want to share with you here:

My personal general rule is: Copy all manuals,tools, firmwares and drivers that are available for your devices on a CD!

Sort them by: Device type, manufacturer & device name and model, Windows version and language (English and your native language if it applies).

Before you burn them on a DVD, check whether there are newer versions available on the internet.

There are 5 kinds of companies:

1) Never making any driver for newer Windows versions: Pearl or finding to provide as few drivers for the new Windows as possible: Netgear

2) Making new drivers on request like Silicon Image

3) Companies who intentionally make drivers for newer or all devices still on sale like Logitech, Hama, Canon.

4) Companies who deny that they will make a driver for your device, eventhough they already have one but didn’t publish it yet, like e.g. Epson.

5) Companies who remove drivers from devices published for newer Windows version without any prior notice or any appearant reason (drivers were working 100% fine!). ViewSonic and Acer did that to me!

Especially because of 5), it is important that you burn them on a DVD!

ViewSonic removed the Windows XP X64 “drivers” (i.e. colour scheme and inf files) for my VX 924 and Acer did it with the Windows XP driver for my external Modem Surf II

If you search for a driver and cannot find it on the manufacturer’s homepage, ask their customer support and request one.

Simultaniously, use Google to search the internet and Often other users had the same problem and found an alternative driver, or a coder coded one himself and added it to DriverGuide. Last but not least, sometimes Windows Update has it or there is a generic driver for all devices containing the same chipset.

If you follow all those rules, you will not run into problems so fast anymore if you plan to upgrade your Windows version or reinstall your exsisting Windows!

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