Nabaztag: video shows how to connect a nabaztag/tag with Windows vista

Because the Nabaztag makes problems when setting up the first time in Windows Vista, they soon release a video tutorial.

Here a snippet out of 2 emails from them I received:

“Nabaztag/tag is not a software. We use wifi protocol. Vista (all version) is
as stable as we wanted to. Windows XP manage as well wireless Networks than Vista.

In all case Vista users must diagnose “Nabaztag wireless connection” even if
Vista shows that computer is connected with Nabaztag, and obtain a new IP
address because Vista doesn’t solve it itself.

We ask Microsoft support and response from Microsoft is “it works for us” with out any explanations. So we buy a computer with Vista and see what happens.

Finally, Microsoft as launch a feedback form in order to have the best
customer feedback. Wifi connection, in my mind must be the same on XP and


The Nabaztag Infirmary”

“We realised a flash demo (sorry in French) for our help site. This video shows
how to connect a nabaztag/tag with Windows vista. It will be available soon.


The Nabaztag Infirmary”

As I do not know French myself I cannot provide a link either. If any of you can, let me know, thanks

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