Bugs (TV Series) – obviously not the end yet

Granted, I am not so keen on TV series and movies, I am more the compute guy. However, there was that one TV series I used to love when I was a small little something. I remember being so fascinated about this awesome series!

I couldn’t remember its name, eventhough I kept thinking about it for years but recalling it was impossible – Recently however I have been bored on an amazing level and suddenly I managed its name – BUGS!

In the moment, I wanted to check whether it’s available on DVD. Hmm, not over here I saw but as UK import. While checking them out, I noticed that I must have missed some of them. Checking Wikipedia and other sources, I had to learn that the popularity dropped over the 4th series and maybe this was the case over here, too.

This was the moment in which I decided to ask exactly that.

Somehow I got the imagination it was VOX which aired it at first.

Accidently I cliked on “Imprint” rather than on Contact and so I was lead to here and so I have contacted them instead.

The replied pretty quick to me that it was aired on Pro7 and RTL2 instead.

In the meantime I saw a thread in the the IMDb Bugs forum called I Met Craig in which a fan writes that he mad Craig McLachlan who plaid “Ed” in the series who said there might come a 5th series somewhen.

BBC UK wrote to me that they have no further info on plans to continue the series

Carnival Films replied to me that they have currently no plans to continue the series.

In the meantime, Pro7 replied to me that they had aired all 4 series including all 10 episodes and they assume that the episodes I have missed belong to the 5th series that never has been aired however. A reply from my side asking for further information resulted into Pro7 saying they have no further info but will forward the request to get their hands on the 5th series and air it.

Armed with that information, I replied to BBC UK and Carnival Films being interested in their reaction. Their reaction was that they cannot confirm or deny and they stressed the fact, that there is no mention about a 5th series on the Official Bugs homepage.

However this could be because the company responsible for the homepage is no longer in business.

Bugs info links:

-Bugs at Wikipedia
-Official Bugs homepage.
-Bugs info page including video clips at Carnival Films’ production overview
-Bugs fan site with a lot of pics – even of 4ths series.
-Last episode info and more at Bugs’ section at TV.com

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