New Technorati Widgets / Technorati Support & My Blog

Technorati recently released new widgets

They are supposed to look something like this:

You may notice that the radio button options look weird… Right! It doesn’t work on most browsers. For me, it failed to work correctly in:

Opera 9.21, Firefox X64, Internet Explorer 7.
Either it won’t save, the options would saved unticked or the radio button display sucks on me.

On the bright side, emailing to Janice Myint resulted into a 24h reply to both emails I have had sent. A sign of hope for the ever questionable Technorati Support? I don’t know, but seriously, there is not a couple of months passing without Technorati breaking things for me!

I seriously wish they would put more concentration on bug hunting and browser compatibility than constantly add new features and re-do their homepage a thousands of times.

Speaking about this: If my blog’s sidepanel looks defaced to you: I know, Technorati tries to fix this (hopefully), so please don’t send me emails about it.

I also know that some posts of my blog are indexed wrong, but all Technorati had to say about this is “I don’t know” – any further email I sent about this topic has been ignored. Blogger does the same.

It doesn’t solve the customer’s problem, but who cares?

Anyway, if Technorati got the widget working for my blog, I will happier and maybe gain some trust into their service.

Did I ever mention that Yahoo also ignores any email I sent to delicious support?
I will test Mister Wong English soon. If it’s any good, then good bye delicious!

Actually during wrting this line, I have figured out, that the new Technorati widget has only problem on long blog pages, if they cannot fix it, I might trying squeezing it into a borderless table – a workaround that has worked for Technorati problems in past.

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