Socializing on Skype dead forever and ever! You will never SkypeMe again.

Socializing on Skype dead forever and ever! You will never SkypeMe again. This is what Skype told its users in the Skype Open Bug Database “Jira”. Written by Skype worker Raul Liive:

“Unfortunately there are currently no plans to bring SkypeMe back.”

It all started back in September with closing SkypeCasts, and now it continues by discontinueing the SkypeMe feature (rather than making it spammer proof!).

Remember this video?. A guy randomly calling people hoping that somebody in the search results would be only and pick up!

The Skype people picked this up from YouTube and posted the following reply on their blog:

Posted by Jaanus Kase:

“Here’s a video that a random Skyper made that illustrates how it may be difficult to find someone to talk to, and how it’s fun to finally find someone who responds

Here’s a tip. To find new friends more easily, you can tick the “Search for people who are in ‘Skype Me’ mode” when you search — you then find everyone who has actively indicated they are available for contact.”

Socializing on Skype – Rest in Peace.

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