Dutch SkypeIn numbers available – Thanks to xoip!

There are a lot of people who want Dutch SkypeIn numbers but Skype never could make it as of yet, well the waiting is over, now there is the free xoip service who offers that and more.

The costs for this will the caller pay. See package info.

There is also a downside if you use the fax ability:

Quoted from their “terms and conditions.


7.1 Digitrieve will not make personally identifiable information such as name, address, email address or telephone numbers available to a third party. The remainder of commercial fax policy is subject to change without notice.

7.2 With reference to point 4.5 of the terms and conditions, Digitrieve BV may send commercial fax messages to XOIP numbers from time to time.

7.2.1 Faxes are sent to inactive numbers, to cover costs of numbers not in regular use.

7.3 No more than one commercial fax per week should be sent to users not making regular use of their assigned XOIP number. It is likely that less than this maximum number of faxes will be sent.

7.4 Users not wishing to receive any such commercial faxes from XOIP should either ensure that they receive one fax per month, or if they do not receive one fax per month, should call their own number for at least 30 seconds in that month.”

I sent email to them asking for more details regaring this.

update: here it their reply

“XOIP does not have any current active program of sending commercial messages. We however have this in our t&c’s so that if we need to send messages in the future, we reserve the right. This is doubtful though.

Our intention is to give you the best user experience. We’re very careful of this.

Kind regards
XOIP help-desk”

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