How to get printer Dell C1765nfw and USB floppy drive to work on OpenMandriva LX 4.2

For many many years, it annoyed me to the most, that my laser printer DELL C1765nfw which I bought in 2014 would not work in Linux at all, I never found a driver it works, and even if you find one and install the cups package, it will not work in many cases, if you don’t do the setup process exactly as I describe it here.

I found out that there is a working printer driver available now via OpenPrinting

first open the printer settings program
Install it with the command line:

sudo dnf install cups-drivers-foo2hbpl

Then add the new printer using “Network printer” —> “Find network” printer and enter its IP, for me it is

it finds the printer at port 9100 using for a connection the AppSocket/HPJetDirect.

Then select “Select printer from database” and use the Dell C1765

Then it is found and the Describe printer dialog fields are pre-defined correctly.

When it asks whether you want to print a test page, decline as first we need to setup the driver to allow printing in color, as per default it is setup to print in b/w only.

Change color mode from “Monochrome” to Color:

Once changes are applied, you can happily print a test page.

As for the USB floppy disk drivers, it makes me mad that it constantly probes for whether a disk has been inserted, so it constantly lids up and clicks.

While searching for a way how to read SMART data from disks, I came across this article: How to Test SSD/HDD Health in Linux 1

Its suggested GUI tool “Gnome Disks” has a button on top called “Power Off”.


Thanks to the OpenMandriva community who gave me a helping hand and for the printer issue pointing me in the right direction after I plead for help.

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