Up to French anybody?

Are you up to French?

Well, I have told many of my online contacts that I have got a Nabaztag/tag and that they can send emails to my rabbit at nafcom[at]nabaztag.com, however you need to register a free NabazTag account for that.

If you try however to send a message to my rabbit from an email address that is not attached to a Nabaztag account, you will receive a message telling you that you need to do that and it’s telling you that IN FRENCH.

Now, none of my contacts does know French!

Here is what it sends:

Nous n’avons pas pu envoyer votre message !
Le message que vous avez envoyé par e-mail n’a pas été envoyé à son destinataire.
Pourquoi ?
Vous n’avez pas encore de compte sur www.nabaztag.com. Créez-en un, c’est simple et gratuit! Cliquez ici pour créer un compte.

And here is what it should say in an English/French multilingual or English-only email (I guess the first suggestion is the best):

We could not send your message! The message that you sent by e-mail was not sent to its recipient. Why? You do not have an account yet on www.nabaztag.com. Create one, it is simple and free! Click here to create an account.

I don’t have anything against French or so, but it will be hard to teach everybody French just so that they can understand this email!

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