The Pre-Disaster!

What is that when even your grandmother rings you up and is worried, because her daughter’s phone is always busy the whole day?

Right, it is The Pre-Disaster!

When and how does a pre-disaster happen?

Simple, you offer in a country in half a dozen cities internet & phone by cable tv. So, to be more congret; You offer what people in other countries have since ages!

Then you make it to an ok price and in an area no normal DSL internet is possible?

What happens? Right, a boom of costumers that sign up to the service!

What Bulgaria, The Netherlands, USA, Canada, UK and a few others have since ages, finally comes also to us!

Now, what happens if you cannot ring up your mother anylonger because of overloaded service? Right, you don’t bother 😛

So, imagine this, that you are not catchable by phone from morning till night, that adds up pretty much like 15 hours in a row hearing a “busy” sign when you try to ring somebody up.

Hehehe, I knew why I will keep my ex-monopoly phone company, 1st it’s cheaper to call to abroad, because you can use CallByCall phone companies and 2nd, Who would be so insane to pay for a call 1 USD per minute if you can do the same call for 0.04 USD per minute?

Now that my mother is barely catchable and the cable tv provider says “We are about to upgrade soon, but sorry that we can’t say exactly when!”

Ok ok, didn’t I mention DSL is technically not possible in that area to which I am about to move in February? Right, I will have to use that cable tv provider and there is only one there! I hope my internet will work better than the internet of my mother!

I get twice as much speed than now for the same price, but still, hey hey, I want a stable internet connection! I pay for it!

I only can hope all will work out fine. Right now I am scared and I receive calls from an annoyed mother!


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