I Love Notepad Badly!

-“Oh ok, Nafcom loves notepad, but why?”

Because it doesn’t need an internet connection running

-“Oh yeah?!”


Trend researchers say, that in 5-10 years, over 90% of the world’s population will have an internet access and that receiving emails and checking your email inbox each morning will be as common as doing that with your letter- or P.O. Box.

Granted I am not 90% of the world’s population (but hey, wasn’t there that nice saying in English; “You can be on person on the whole world but also a whole world to one person”?! Heheh!).

Ok errr… So the first thing I do each morning is not heeding towards the bathroom, Noooo nooo! The first I do is switch on my PC, waiting that 240.37 1/2 seconds till it’s booted up (including my windows), connect to the internet, open M2 and listen to that “Incoming Mail!” mail sound, taken from ICQ Pro 2003b and check how much spam I got.

But not today, Noooo nooo! Today, I receive: “Error: domain or password invalid”. Aha! Then I remember… Uh wasn’t that I cancelled my DSL for February, 2005? (because I move and there in the new city I get CABLE internet, hauahauhauhauha!). Maybe they confused January with February?

(really! I have heard there are people who cannot count till 11 1/2!).

So I ring up the costumer support (by the way… A call to Brazil is cheaper than calling the costumer support!).

So after many tones, I hear a voice: “Good morning, how may I insure you?”, or something.

“Oh hey, yup it’s me here. You know, I have sent out a cancelling letter on December, 14th, 2004. Maybe you have confused February with January. Do you need help?”

A sympathic laugh on the other side of the line: “No, there is an error, people cannot log in since yesterday, infact nobody can!”.

And then, me: “Ah ok ok, do you know yet how long the problem is and what it takes?”

Her reply: “No, unfortunately not, I don’t know, I can’t tell!”.

Now that is groovy! They have no idea what the problem is or how long I won’t be without my email! I had a serious break this morning in my “same procedure as every day!” routine and they even cannot tell, wether the same hell happens again tomorrow?!

(My grandmother at my place would have asked: “Oh ok, and now a very very stupid question; What is the problem?”).

Now I feel like the Brazilians on my ICQ Contact List! Folks, I Feel With You!

Same thing with cancellation; Instead of sending a cancel confirmation, I found the day before yesterday a promotion letter: “Now get more service for your DSL, more features! APPLY NOW!!!!!!!!”.

Father, what a crap.

Was a nice thing, asking Mrs. DSL Costumer Service how that goes (I have never had to cancel my DSL, yet!). She informed me, that I get that letter shortly before it gets switched off! Aha! Ok!

Now considering that in my new flat, DSL is technically not possible, it’s rather silly to send me promotion to get a better DSL connection! I am going to move to one of the half dozen countries, where you can get cable internet!

Well, a couple of month ago, my phone line broke. Yes, on the phone service provider’s site, the cable broke! Before that, I had a lot of glitches (cracks!).

You know, I did those phone calls to abroad. and when somebody on the other side said: “The connection is bad”. – “Oh, that’s not Ghana’s fault, it’s an error over here!”

A similar thing with mobile phone provider, they don’t tell you if there is a problem, they just switch you off.

And their costumer service hotline wants 48 cents per minute! For this, I can do 2 calls to Ghana and 4 to Brazil! So, I better did emailing them, that is cheaper, and it helped!

Father, what do I love this country! I am feeling like in a country with no propper phone & internet services!

PS: Now as of 2 PM, it works again, hooray! =)

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