How to install Need For Speed Undercover on Windows 11 23H2

In my case, I bought a key for Origin / EA App , which brings in some things to take care about, I will mention them here.

  1. Download the Generic fix by selecting \/ -> Developer Build (untested). The final release (aka “Direct Link”) did not work for me. The Developer Build was from early 2024, which would be executed under Win11 just fine, while the final release would simply not activate, so no changes were made to the game:
  2. . Activating all re-sizing options (1) as by default was however worth It, the FMVs were not in a wrong aspect, at least not on an Nvidia GTX 1070 in FHD. I also activated XBOX Controller Support
  • When using an optical media, you may need a no CD Fix, for EA App download, just had to decline the PunkBuster installation at the end of the setup process. Unfortunately the progress for the EA App will freeze at 72%. I had to force close EA App via Task Manager, then re-open the EA App.

Enjoy playing this 16 years of jewel in gaming history in Full HD  😊 – it’s one of the rare games even supporting higher resolutions than that! 😊

If you have however a 2K or higher res monitor with G-Sync functionality, then do this:

1) use the final release of the Generic Fix.

2) Make sure G-Sync is on for your graphics card and in the monitor

3) Set the following settings in NFSUndercover.GenericFix.ini:

ResDetect = 0                            ; Adds resolution auto-detection for the in-game options menu.

Scaling = 0                              ; Adjusts FOV aspect ratio to be mathematically correct. Requires FixFOV to be enabled.

SkipIntro = 1                            ; Skips FMVs that play when you launch the game.

WindowedMode = 5                         ; Enables windowed mode. (1 = Borderless | 2 = Border | 3 = Resizable Border | 4 = Borderless Fullscreen | 5 = Borderless Fullscreen Stretched)

SimRate = 0                             ; Controls the refresh rate of the gameplay engine. Match your monitor’s refresh rate or your target frame rate. (0 = Disabled | -1 = Monitor Refresh Rate | -2 = Double Monitor Refresh Rate)

4) Rename the file “dinput8.dll” to “dinput8.dll.disable”

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