DOS PC Retro games: The difference between the CD version and the CD version

having fully dug into PC gaming in 1995, the world was clear for me.

You had a CD version of games and disk versions.
CD versions were also called “speech versions” or “talkie version”.

prime examples for me were games like Monkey Island, Sam & Max, Simon The Sorcerer.

Now that Command & Conquer Remastered Collection got released, I started orienting myself backwards towards DUNE.

I understood that there is a disk version (1992) of DUNE the strategic adventure and a CD version with voice overs (1993). According to wikipedia it is also claimed at the time of writing this , that it was the first game ever released on CD-ROM.

Another Wikipedia entry says that however the game Star Trek 25th Anniversary was released in 1992 on disk AND CD with voice aka walkie talking version, weird. Just checking on another wiki, there it says the CD version was released 1993

Its successor Star Trek Judgement Rites however was even released in more CD versions than just the talkie one, i.e. the CD version would feature better graphics and more cut scenes like the “movie and sound pack” that was available for the disk version originally.

Then there was obviously another edition of the CD version released on CD in 1995 (The same year the Mac version was released) which was the talkie version of this game.

For DUNE e.g. you can find out that the CD Versions from the SOFT PRICE line, are simply 3.5″ disk version copied 1:1 onto CD, so the speech is missing here:

even if it says “CD-ROM Version” on the front, don’t buy it!

The While Label release however even mentions the voice performance on its back of the box:

Now having a look however on the White Label Start Trek 25th Anniversary / Judgment Rites CD Collection you find that only the first is mentioned for its voice performance on the back of its box:

Despite this was released in 1993, the same year Judgment Rites CD version was released, this does not contain a talkie version.

The talkie version was released in 1995 however:

So for some games, the CD versions are sometimes not the ones you are after!

Running “Emporer – Battle For Dune” on Windows 10 x64 2004

Looking upon the internet, there is no definite manual on how to get it working on Windows 10. Just the usual complains that the copy protection sucks and is the cause of all evil.

Anyway, I am running it on Windows 10 x64 2004 with an Nvidia GeForce 1050Ti with latest Game Ready drivers.

First of all what you need is the Westwood Install Fix as written here
We don’t follow the instructions there as they are not correct.
Instead, we do the following:

  • Extract the RAR archive.
  • Copy the setup folder from the Installer CD into a directory separated from the later game installation directory (this is important or else the game will fail to run later!)
  • Overwrite the old SETUP.EXE with the newer one from the RAR archive.
  • Run the Setup.EXE and install the game including all components (the shortcut is not needed) in your desired destination folder for the game to house.
  • Overwrite the EXPLORER.EXE from the game’s root folder with the one from the RAR archive.
  • Refrain from trying to get the latest patch from Westwood to get the game into its recent stage. The Westwood Patch routine won’t work and will fail with “Update Aborted”

Now enjoy and start EMPORER.EXE to play the game! 😊

Linking your Weibo International account to Pixiv

We all know it, badly or only partly translated international versions of foreign services like e.g. QQ or vKontakte (just to name a few).

A while ago I got myself a Weibo account installing and registering with the Weibo International app on iOS as this was the only means I knew contacting somebody at this time.

So when wanting to link my Weibo account to Pixiv I ran into issues. Entering my Weibo# 7082444339 resulted in “wrong username or password”.

Hmm. So I went to Weibo password reset, entered my Weibo# and the Captcha displayed. Resulted in “System is busy, our engineers are working on it, try again later”.

When trying again later it will say “For security reasons, please enter your username instead”.

So how to fix it?

Here is how:

  1. visit
  2. Login with your Weibo# and password – This will result in an error message saying “Your account hasn’t set a password, please reset the password for login” – Aha finally something we can work with!
  3. Click on “Forgot Password”
  4. Enter your mobile phone number that you used when registering for Weibo in the Weibo International app in the following format: “00<country code><your number as dialed from abroad>
    Pass the Captcha test.
  5. It will now ask you to enter a Captcha, but that is wrong. Instead it means to say it will send you a SMS PIN code – once received to your mobile phone enter it (there is a countdown so be quick!)
  6. Enter your desired account password!
  7. Success! Now your Weibo International account has a password assigned which can be used to login to Weibo from the homepage or connect to your Pixiv or other accounts! 🙂

Fixing Apple Watch Series 1 crashing constantly with WatchOS 6.2 and up

When WatchOS 6.2 was released, installing it on my Apple Watch Series 1 took a couple of tries, as it either wouldn’t find the new WatchOS version in the iPhone Apple Watch App on my iPhone 7 Plus or it would fail downloading. Once it was installed, it would crash and reboot the Watch Series 1 every 5 minutes. It took me two days but finally managed to do an over-the-air update on the Apple Watch Series 1 connecting to my home wifi to WatchOS 6.2.1 hoping it would improve the situation. It didn’t, the situation worsened.

So, now it would not only crash but be sluggish and almost not react anymore on inputs, if it crashes, it would crash without showing something on the screen, so I constantly force-reboot it!

Now googling for it, every site and solution guide said, to unpair it via the iPhone’s Apple Watch app, then go to settings app on the watch and select wipe all data. However once I confirmed this, the dialog would simply close and nothing would happen.

As I didn’t want to call Apple Support and spend hours on troubleshooting, I got an idea how to factory reset it using a trick:

1) Unpair it from the iPhone via the Apple Watch App.
2) Connect it to the home wifi network
3) go to –> Find my phone –> Erase

This would factory reset the phone. Once it has been fully re-charged, pair it as an already existing Apple Watch by restoring from a backup!

A detailed description how to remote wipe a device including pictures, can be found at

Getting the Beurer KS 800 Kitchen Scale to pair with iOS 13 and up

5 years ago, when my old kitchen weight scale broke, I have found myself being fascinated of the Beurer KS 800 Kitchen Scale because it has a screen inside and it guides you graphical through the steps of a recipe connected via bluetooth to your iPhone and it’s Beurer recipe app.

Now the problem with iOS 13 is, that the way it handles bluetooth connection has been slightly changed due to many security improvements apple did to the bluetooth stack in its iOS.

Though luck considering the latest udpate to the app has been over a year ago.

After a bit of discussion with the Beurer tech support, a workaround has been found.

There is another kitchen scale of Beurer, the KS28 without bluetooth and hence the app requires activation since the last update (which causes the issue with the Beurer KS 800 in the first place, as before you could simply say “send to scale” in any recipe of the app) but since the KS28 has noo bluetooth module inside, the KS28 ships with a QR code one can scan to activate the app!

For your convenience, find that QR Code here:

This will force activation of the app. Now select any recipe in the app and on the bottom select “Send to scale”.
It will force a request to pair your KS 800 to iOS 13.x and voilla, the kitchen scale works again! 🙂

English promo video

Finally fixing the navigation issues on my blog!

okay. I finally tried again after a year to fix the navigation issues on, worked out a solution and emailed it to the theme support guys, who helped me back in 2017 to fix one problem but then ignored me when I re-approached them in 2018 🙁

So here is how it’s done:

1) First set post page as home page:
2) Then add your old “home page” to the menu at Appearance -> Menus (e.g. in my case I renamed it to “About” before I did that)
3) Then add a custom link as described in the youtube video here: and post it to the home page
4) Trash the old blog page to avoid people who accessed in the past are not confronted by a white page but instead get re-directed to an actual blog post which is next closest to this!

Cheers! 🙂

New Windows 10 Soundblaster X-FI Xtreme Gamer drivers for 1903 aka 19H1 finally released

4 weeks ago, Creative Labs finally released a new driver package for their old X-Fi soundcard series finally.

(Myself having a Soundblaster X-FI Xtreme Gamer PCI sound card from 2007 myself) so finally the sound output for the analog output can be again selected in Windows 10 X64 1903 and the apps delivered with the driver work again, however some have been removed, so the package just only comes with the following tools:

-Creative Audio Control Panel
-Creative Software AutoUpdate
-THX Console

But better than nothing!

Info source and download URL

Soundblaster X-FI Xtreme Gamer PCI Soundcard & Windows 10 x64 Build #1903 (May 2019 Update)

So, now the new Windows 10 May 2019 update is out and unfortunately yet again the X-FI Xtreme Gamer PCI Soundcard is giving problem. For last build (1809), installing the drivers caused a bluescreen, so one had to uninstall the driver and program package before updating Windows 10 to the December 2018 update (#1809) and use the alternative package from Daniel K. which worked just flawless.

No such luck this year. The main problem is, that the analogue speaker jack is not detected and so not selectable as a sound output device (and the recording device “What u hear” is also missing as well).

A detailed description with screenshots can be found in the Microsoft Answer Forums here.

Since May 1st I am discussing with Microsoft Support via Twitter for possible solutions and reported it to their engineers via the Windows 10 Feedback Hub as well!

Lets hope they’ll find a solution soon!

They asked that I report it to Creative Labs as well, here is what they replied to me via email:

Creative Support (Creative Labs Pte Ltd.)
3rd Mai, 06:55 +08
Dear Joerg,
Thank you for contacting Creative Labs.
Regarding your query, as of this moment, there is no further development for newer driver/software for EOSL product such as the Sound Blaster X-FI series (except for X-Fi Titanium). It is true Creative releases driver for Win 7,8 and 10. However for Windows 10, it was released and intended for initial version of Windows 10. No further releases after that. Some users we’re still able to use it for subsequent Win 10 update and some are not or having some issue which we’re not able to support anymore, since there is no driver update available.
Rest assured that we will forward this as official feedback from one of our users.
If you require further assistance, please reply to this email and we will get back to you.
Creative Labs Pte Ltd
Worldwide Customer Response

Things you need to know to become MCSA certified

The MCSA is a mid-level credential that can be acquired between the MCP and MCSE credentials. The MCSA certification is intended for framework administrators and helpdesk support experts who execute, oversee, as well as troubleshoot existing Microsoft network and system infrastructures. The MCSA is a stepping stone toward a definitive objective of becoming an MCSE certified if that is your picked career path. One advantage of pursuing the MCSA certification first is that if in future you choose to go for the MCSE certification, all the MCSA exams will count toward the MCSE certification.

To become an MCSA certified you need to have a thorough comprehension of the following:

  1. Creating, Configuring, Maintaining, Securing, and Troubleshooting File, Print, and Web Resources:
    You ought to have the ability to distribute different sources into Active Directory and manage file systems, authorizations, and disk quotas. It is imperative to know how to make virtual directories and servers, start-stop administrations, and execute encryption (SSL). You should likewise know how to troubleshoot Internet browsing from client PCs and manage and design an FTP site.
  2. Configuring, Administering, and Troubleshooting the Network Infrastructure:
    You have to successfully troubleshoot routing issues utilizing different diagnostic utilities including Tracert, Ping, Pathping, and IPconfig. You ought to comprehend TCP/IP and how it is associated with servers and clients on the OSI model. Since you’ll presumably need to troubleshoot and fix DHCP on servers and client computers in many cases, the MCSA requires that you know how to recognize unapproved DHCP servers on the system & network and troubleshoot, configure, and maintain DNS, WINS, and NetBIOS protocols.
  3. Managing, Securing, and Troubleshooting Servers and Client Computers:
    You should have the ability to install and configure server and client computer hardware and troubleshoot servers and workstations that won’t boot. You have to comprehend what Safe Mode, the Recovery Console, and parallel establishments are and how they can enable you to recoup a framework that won’t boot. As an MCSA, you should know how to manage and install Windows 2000 updates. You should likewise have the ability to rapidly install service packs, hotfixes, and security flaws that Microsoft posts.
  4. Configuring, Managing, Securing, and Troubleshooting Active Directory Organizational Units and Group Policy:
    You should be able to create, oversee, and troubleshoot client and group objects inside Active Directory (AD). When working with the AD, you should know how to oversee object & container authorizations and analyze AD replication issues.
  5. Configuring, Securing, and Troubleshooting Remote Access:
    You should know how to appropriately configure and troubleshoot remote access and virtual private network connections (VPN). With Windows 2000, Terminal Services is currently accessible as by default, and you should have the ability to execute and troubleshoot Terminal Services for remote access. Moreover, you should know how to install and configure Terminal Services and comprehend the permitting ramifications you may experience.

uCertify being an online learning platform provides courses for the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate MCSA certification exams. The MCSA certification training program prepares you on all the Microsoft technologies and trains you to pass the MCSA certification exams.

Learn skills to Administer Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 Databases

SQL Server is a relational database management system, which provides comprehensive tools and add-ons for data-driven applications, enterprises, or business intelligence (BI). Data technology and services market is estimated to reach USD 57 billion by 2020. Considering the amount of data generated and stored on a daily basis, skills to handle complicated database is highly demanded by employers all around the world. As per the stats, more than 50% of the hiring managers prefer the certified administrator. Therefore, earning a SQL Server certification is the step to boost your career in the IT domain.

Microsoft offers Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 Databases: 70-462 certification exam. This certification is designed for the professionals who install, maintain, and configure tasks; set up and operate database systems; store, back up, and secure data from unauthorized access. Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 Databases certification validates the expertise of candidates to install and configure SQL Server, maintain instances and databases, optimize and troubleshoot, manage data, implement security, and implement high availability. Earning a Microsoft SQL Server certification qualifies you for a position of a database developer or database analyst.

Once you earn the SQL Server certification, you will be able to apply the tactics of application development in coordination with SQL Server. This indirectly benefits you with a more responsible attitude toward your profession. With a Microsoft SQL Server certification, you can stand ahead of the crowd in terms of career advancements and job prospects. A Microsoft certification holds great value in the IT industry and work efficiency improvement and salary upscale.
So, want to be a Microsoft SQL certified professional? Then start your prep today with uCertify Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 Databases (Course & Lab).

So how is it when you switch from digital to physical game card version of a Nintendo Switch game?

There are only a lot of guesses of what happens when you switch from a digital to physical game card version of a Nintendo Switch game, e.g. at the Nintendo forum here:



That is correct. Simply enter the System Settings screen from the Nintendo Switch Main Menu, head down to Data Management, then “Manage Software”. When you scroll through the options regarding managing the software in question, you should see an option which states that the software and the game icon will be deleted, but to delete the Save Data, you’ll have to access another section of the Data Management screen.

Created 12/29/2017 05:33 PM

Now, here is what exactly happens:

1) You have the digital version already.

2) You select to “Archive”. Then on the home screen in the game selector, the game icon will be marked on the top with the “Cloud” icon. When you then insert the Game card, it will ask if you wanna do an update download maybe (Say yes) then the game will start loading from the Game Card and the icon above the game change from the cloud Icon to the”Game Card icon”

3) When you remove the game card again, the icon will change to the cloud icon again. Means you can switch between game card and cloud version all the time. 🙂