Be welcome, GMail & Brazilians and ICQ

First of all, hi and welcome to my crap blog ūüôā

This blog will be about my experiences & my opinions curiosities and it won’t tell names! (It will only listen to names, maybe ūüėČ ).

Nevernethless, this blog is not really to be taken serious. And also no silly billy crap talk, so something in between =)

GMail – The Email Hype!

Who doesn’t know it? who doesn’t love it, GMail! I am using it since let’s say 3 months as POP3/SMTP with a few more more features than the average email service.

The concept of tidying up my desktop is groovy:

1. Install GMail Drive

2. Move everything you find a waste onto that drive.

3. Feed incoming emails with¬†“M2” (Email client of Opera browser).

4. Then set an Access Point in M2 for files from the GMail Drive

And there you go with the beautiful “don’t sort it yourself, let M2 do it for you” concept for lazy bones like me! hehehe! I love you that. (sounds odd, but that is meant to be!).

Many people also forget that GMail is still beta, yeah B-E-T-Ahhh!

I cannot access to my Spam and Trash folders since 4 days.

I sent an email to GMail support, I received an auto-respond email in return with an error reporting “sheet”. Filled it out, sent it back:


Thanks for your report. We are aware of this problem, and our engineers are working diligently to find a solution.

We apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused.


The Gmail Team

I hope that will be fixed soon. So if your emails sent to me land in my spam folder; Sorry folks, I have no access to it. As you can read they work diligently on a solution.

On this place, I want to thank you the GMail Team for replying that fast and replying at all, good support! Now I hope that the problem will be resolved soon O:-)

Fotologs & Brazilians on ICQ

There are 2 kinds of ICQ Users; Brazilians and the rest.

Let’s start with¬†The Rest:

In the White Pages of ICQ (Meeting People Directory), you can select “Show Users with Photos First”.

The search result of the rest shows people with photos and homepage references to XXX/flirt sites.
Brazlians however are clever and heavily use so called Fotologs. So xxx/flirt service spammers have no chance to appear in the result list of the ICQ White Pages searches! Smart Brazil! Instead you see everywhere URLs to fotologs! Yeah!

What is a fotolog? A fotolog is a homepage with a nice inteface only for photos! Yep, photos of parties with your friends, without friends, without you, or your feets.
Then people can reply to each photo like¬†“I like your piercing!”¬†or whatever.

There is also a nice feature in Brazil; On Saturdays dial-up internet access is for free, so fotologs get a high eaccess rate, means they get beautiful¬†slow!¬†and people from Brazil on your contact list celebrate a collective: “Let’s drop off the internet NOW!”.
And… “Bang!”, all your contacts from Brazil appear as offline.

That’s it for today’s post! ūüôā

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