Back On A Bad Line

Hi! After 7 days no entry, I am back on the net, but not on ICQ yet!

Well, I have got my PC running and a temporary dial-up modem connection. Very slow, way too slow! And some people sent me emails with over 500 kb attachments!

I needed over 5 minutes till all my emails were fetched!

Last Monday, 2 technicans from the cable company were here, checking the cable box in the cellar. This house will get a new one, and a new 3-way

receptacle (cable TV, cable radio and cable modem). But I won’t connect my home phone to it, because the cable provider has completely over-expensive phone


So, I sticked with the main (ex-monopoly) phone company, which supports the use of CallByCall providers for cheaper phoning.

The cable company said, I should get internet next week (at least a date when the cable box in the cellar will get replaced with a cable internet enabled


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