On The Traces Of ICQ or “How ICQ Reacts”.

ICQ and my blog
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There has been in discussion for many times, how intensively the ICQ Team checks what goes up in their ICQ Community, what other users write, etc.
In the ICQ Focus Group, Created on Mar 29 2004, to “invite you to share your thoughts and opinions about ICQ.” (i.e. us, the ICQ users), there even has been a thread where an ICQ User asked “Does ICQ read this board?“.

Interestingly, somebody nicked YealG replied saying that they do.

So, that is interesting now, because of some interesting facts (changes) in the ICQ Focus Group:

1) Remove of Udo’s real name.
2) Adding of Ori and YealG as Operators.
3) Removing the possibility to view other posts from one person in the ICQ Focus Group.

I don’t know why 1) and 3) was done, but I guess to protect the identity of ICQ workers, maybe?
Hmm, As you also can read in “Does ICQ read these board” thread linked above, Ori also checks other groups, so he seems to be the person to be responsible for the ICQ groups.

Udo is the guy who replies to other user’s posts (as you can see the full list here).

So who is YealG (i.e. Yeal Givon)?

If you intensively browse the ICQ Community, you find that she replied to several posts in the ICQ Boards and that she is member of a Star Wars ICQ Group.

If you Google for Yeal Givon you find numerous websites like this, this here, where one can read “… According to Yael Givon, ICQ’s director of marketing …”>.
Aha! So, now we know who she is, and she seems to be one of the few ICQ Team members who has not an 5 digit number, but a larger one, including web aware switched on.
(at least last time I checked).
So, the ICQ director of marketing herself (and since often quoted in the press, seemly somekind of spokewomen, too) takes part in the ICQ boards and ICQ groups.

I even found in my Netstad overviews, that I had a visitor from “ICQ, Israel” 😀

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