African Linux!

Yeah, even Africa has created their own Linux, it’s “Ubuntu”! (click title for link).
It’s based on Debian and quoting a friend, it’s the most easiest Linux distribution around!
It looks pretty African 😀
For those with bad internet connection or who are just too lazy for downloading like me, they can order Ubuntu CDs for free! Even no shipping costs!
So I have ordered 1 I386 and one 64Bit CD version, they ship from Africa and it takes several weeks! I have never received anything from Africa before, so I am totally thrilled! 😀

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No donut for you

What the hell am I here talking about, with that really weird blog entry’s title?
It’s a long, very long story.
It begins with the question, a male ICQ contact from Brazil asked me… “Do you know Orkut?”.
I was like: “Errr. Orkut? No, no idea…”
So he was like explaining like it is, a social network, mostly fill of Brazilians

As you can see 😉

So the soclilizing network, just joined, I recognized that it is rather… a slow!
And sometimes, when I have entered my profile data, the server “lost” the information after I clicked on “update” and I had to go back and click on update again. and once in a while, you see this:

“Bad, bad server. No donut for you

Unfortunately, the server has acted out in an unexpected way. Hopefully, it will return to its helpful self if you try again in a few minutes.

It’s likely that the server will behave this way on occasion during the coming months. We apologize for the inconvenience and for our server’s lack of consideration for others.”

And I get this very often! Too ofen!

Believe me, this is not all, heheh. I mean I am using Opera 8, latest version for browsing, I thought “Oh great, works fine!”…yeah…until…I mean until you want to rate a friend on Orkut! (you know like “cool” or “not so cool”).
Then it says: “You need to JavaScript and ActiveX activated”.

I mean, hey!!!!!!!! Halleluliaja!
First: I actually have JavaScript installed and
Second: Opera has no ActiveX!

Only MSIE has ActiveX!
And it’s only available for MacOS and Windows.
So, if you are a Linux user, you tell to your friend: “Sorry, that I couldn’t rate you, but I am on Linux!”
Hahaahahah, great! 😛

Well, we will see how things will developed, but I am amused for now! 😀

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Crappy ICQ Message History Converter!

The ICQ Team released today the since 2 years awaited ICQ Pro –> ICQ5 message history converter. (click on title for link), and it sucks! (ICQ Pro 2003b Pro is shit anyway, because the the history export function has bugs – all about this here – and it’s for sure not my PC being too weak!).

I have posted a complaint post in the ICQ Focus Group regarding this fact. The Boards are frozen, but luckily direct linking still works. So please read my post!

Thank you!

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ICQ Board System Frozen Again!

Again the boards are frozen since the morning of May, 10th! One can do posts and they get registered by the system but they won’t display when you refresh the board/group boards.

Seems like they either have a technical problem or do maintenance.
Whatever it is, I am sure that again many angry users will appear (like last time) as soon as the freezing status got removed! (and a lot of double posts! Including one double post of mine 🙁 ! ).

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also funny

The Postal Service of Russia changed their address formatting of letters with English address
(Latin letters).

sidenote: All address formatting documents for all countries are on the webspace of the UPU (Universal Postal Union).
So, actually, what they did (Postal Service of Russia) is now, the city code is written _below_ “Russia”.

so like:


and the UPU edited the document and added a note:

“Note from the International Bureau of the Universal Postal Union: reserving the last line of the address for the country name ensures greater automated processing accuracy at origin and in transit.”

Means: I can choose.
If I write it


it delays inside German Postal Service
but it’s correct for Russian Postal Service

or I type the old way:

and I make it correct for German Postal Service but it may delay due the fact that Russian Postal Service changed the format


Link to the pdf if you click on blog entry’s header 😉

doesn’t matter what you do, it’s always wrong
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