First SuperCPU C64 Game Out: Metal Dust!

After 9 years of waiting is the first SuperCPU64 game for the Commdore 64 (in short: C64) computer ever released.
It’s called Metal Dust and it’s a shoot’em up game shipped on either 4 3.5″ DD or 2 3.5″ HD disks.

Me myself has pre-ordered the game in year 2000 and finally ordered it in October 2004.

So, you need a C64 computer and a Super CPU which speeds up the C64 to 20x of its original speed and supplies up to 16 MB RAM (Metal Dust needs 4 MB as system requirement)

All info including sceenshots and a trailer and photos of the boxing can be found out their Metal Dust homepage (click title of this blog entry!).

It’s absolutely amazing what a speed up device and a 3.5″ floppy lets make a 23 years old computer do, the game is tough, and *cough* I am definately not a good shoot’em up player (I more go for racing games!), but thanks to the hidden “boring” I found by accident (before I even knew it exsisted), I can start with a lot of lives now, heheh 😎

Furthermore an old pal will pop by at the end of July, he is a better player, so we will shoot the ENEMIES INTO DUST! Muhahahaha! 🙂

The most amazing me is how much details they have put into the game, including digitalized power-up speech voice, sfx and sound tracks in all 4 levels sang by the band Wave of Earth.

Ah I have written a first impression (review) about this game here 🙂

Publishing label is Protovision.

On the backsite of the Metal Dust box (as you can see on the photo above (click on it enlages it!), they even sent out a greeting to Scene World, a C64 magazine published on diskette! 😉

Thanks to Protovision for the greeting on the box! 😎

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