I have got blog clouds!

Finally, the //beconfused blog has got tags for its posts and also a Tag Cloud. I also wanted one and I just added two of them.
Both of them can be accessed at the top of each page of my blog.

The first cloud is combined with a search engine. It has the following features:

-Each search inquery you enter will result in giving you similar posts from the following sources:

* The //beconfused Blog
* Nafcom’s Crap Blog! (This blog)
* Blog directories
* Websearch results

Where the results from the beconfused blog and my blog are enjoying major priority
The search results also are filtered (2 search results are always in the wild)

Maybe this will cause an increase of visits to the beconfused blog (no worries, it’s not _directly_ searching on his servers =), I was refering to traffic as in “more readers”), but Mr Dew deserves it, because it’s damn good blog! – And we post about similar stuff anyway!

-Once a day, I receive an email with the search criteries you have used, then I can decide which I will let appear on the cloud.

I will keep the blogger search and the technorati search active and working, since I think it’s up to you – the readers – which search you want to use. Also notice that each of them produce different search result.
So, if you cannot find what you are searching for, try one of the others.

I hope that now, that I have Blog Categories, Trackbacks, Backlinks and now finally Tag Clouds added, that it will add a bit more usablity to my blog, since it grows fast and it became – even for me – harder to find old blog entries I seeked!

So; EnJOY! =)

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