History of Windows

Since retro is hip lately, let’s have a view on the History of Windows: And at the end, we even see the future; Windows Vista. Technorati Tags: Windows, history—-Wanna discuss this post? Then do it in my forum! 🙂—-No more ICQ Support? Get active! Complain now!

Get your own Photo Blog! :)

If you think you know what “Photo Blogs” are, then you are wrong! =) Have a look regarding photo blogs at this site. They even have a video tutorial showing how it’s done! 😎 Definately unique! =) Technorati Tags: Photo Blogs, photos—-Wanna discuss this post? Then do it in my forum! 🙂—-No more ICQ Support? […]

Me on Kinja

I just found another cool thing, Kinja, which is a kind of directory with very nice info regarding blogs as you can see above, it displays blogs you link an all kind of info all related to your blog! Very nicely done! I like it! 🙂 So, there is always a way to stand out […]

Clouds – The 2nd part

The 2nd Tag Cloud – the ZoomCloud uses my blog’s ATOM Feed to compile it with its tags. Especially Mr. Dew thinks it’s a great thing and a big find. but I am not so sure about that, I prefer the Hot Searches bar =) Technorati Tags: Blog, clouds—-Wanna discuss this post? Then do it […]

My blog = spam blog?

My blog has been obviously flagged as spam (see: what is a spam blog?) and as you can see on above screenshots, now I have to do Word Verification before my post will get published! I have requested a human review of my blog and verification that it is not a spam blog. I hope […]

Internet Explorer 7 Add-Ons

A lot of sources report about about Internet Explorer 7 But what nobody seem to have mentioned is, that MSIE7 Beta 2 allows you to start it without any add-ons (via the link in “System Tools” program group) and that it’s actually possible to even delete them!(especially the highly hightly controversially discused ActiveX). Technorati Tags: […]

Logitech & Webcams

While, I was installing my webcam, I was wondering about several things. First, you will notice that they only promote their webcams only forAIM, Yahoo, AIM and Skype. “What about ICQ?”, you may ask.Well, ICQ Video. had issues with routers (so it didn’t work for me), but in the new ICQ 5.1 it works for […]