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I am late I know, but all the blog exchanges I was a member of went down:

1) The Crush Blog Exchange turned into Crushed Exchange:

What was originally The Blog Exchange has now become the Crushed Exchange. Since I had a problem with the previous database I decided to turn this exchange around and allow any kind of site to be a part of it. Whether you have a blog, fansite, forum, anything goes! As long as you are able to include the exchange code somewhere visible on your site, you can join!

Additionally to this, its administrator did not reply to emails since ages. Well, maybe she is mad at me for whatever reason.

2) closed down. As written on its administrator’s blog:

What happened to the banner exchange?
Unfortunately – I did not have time to maintain this project. I’m in my final semester (or almost final) of a PhD program, and I maintain two other very time intensive websites that are related to my area of expertise ( and Rather than sell this domain, I decided to keep the button generator section of the website and make it the focus. So welcome to the relaunch.

I want to thank Tanya Patrice for replying and helping me always! 🙂

I will look out for new blog exchanges and add them soon to my sidepanel!

Edit: Unfortunately I found none, so for now only my Blog Snappy Exchange will be on my blog’s sitepanel.

If you run or know a blog exchange service, please contact me!

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