IE7 RC1 for Windows X64!

Thanks to a problem in CCleaner I have destroyed my IE7 Beta 1 uninstall files like many other users.

Microsoft released a Internet Explorer 7 Uninstall Toolkit to allow users uninstalling IE7 anyway, however it is not compatible with Windows XP Pro X64, so bad luck!

But in contrast to what Paul Thurot writes on his blog, the setup routine does not neccessarily automatically uninstall previously installed IE7 Betas, as the screenshot above proves. Instead it will recognize that it cannot be uninstalled and offers you an update installation that cannot however be undone (of course!). Thank you Microsoft for rescueing me, because I didn’t feel like sticking with Betas of IE7 but I also didn’t want to reinstall everything just because of the CCleaner messing with me previously!

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